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Welcome to my site, where I attempt to chronicle whatever hobby I'm involved with at the moment. I reside in the northwest side of Chicago, and my hobbies tend to follow the seasons. I tend to work on models, cook or work on my network in the crappier months, and head out to the garage to play with my cars, bikes and motorcycles when the weather gets nicer. I'm planning on finishing an insulation project in my garage and installing a furnace in the near future, but until that happens, I'm a victim of the weather.

Most of my hobbies tend to be attempts at restoring old relics that are pretty far gone. My Fairlane was rescued from a trip to Victory Auto Wreckers by a friend that stepped in as the owner was waiting for the tow truck to arrive. My Suzuki was rotting away in a field with a blown engine, my Honda was pieced together by a prior owner who gave up on getting it to run. Most of my bicycles were basket cases, and could have easily been pitched into the back of a scrapper's pick-up. My woodworking projects are mostly restoring pieces of furniture rescued on their way to the garbage. I spend my free time on these lost causes, and try to bring them back to life.