Greg's Garage

7 years ago or so, A friend of my brother's came across a '64 Ford Fairlane that I ended up buying for $125. My original hope was to get it up and running and use it for a daily driver.

After tearing into it, I soon realized that the car was a little too far gone to get it up and running any time soon. The floor had rotted away. The trans support was a botched up hack job. The engine didn't run, and it still had the vintage 1964 drum brakes with a suicide cylinder.

Plans were made to repair the floor, replace the engine, and update the suspension & brakes.

I took a 302 that I picked up cheap, and built it up as follows:

  • Bored .30 over
  • New crank
  • Windsor Jr. heads
  • Performer intake
  • Holley 4 barrel carb
  • Mild cam (can't find the specs right now)
  • Pertronix ignition
  • Hooker headers

Nothing crazy, just enough to give it a little oomph when the light turns green.

I also converted the front end to disc brakes by installing a pair of granada spindles.

I boxed and reinforced the lower control arms so I could put in a beefier sway bar.

I also cut down the shock towers with a kit that I picked up from Crites Restoration Products (link).

I picked up some patch panels for the floor, tore out the rotted driver's side floor, and fixed a bunch of rot by the battery tray.

Unfortunately time and finances have left this project collecting dust in my garage, but hopefully I'll be able to get it going again in a year or so.

1964 Ford Fairlane