Greg's Garage

I currently own two motorcycles, a 1968 Suzuki Cobra (T500) & 1978 Honda CB550.

1968 Suzuki T500

This bike was found in a field, and supposedly ran when it was parked. Tearing into it, I discovered that the windowed pistons had exploded, and the right-hand jug was welded to the engine with corrosion. Luckily I came across a complete engine fron a '76 T500 at a local auto boneyard for $100. After spending some money on a rebuild kit, and going through everything top to bottom, I was able to get it running again. Unfortunately the floats in the carbs stuck open, and dumped the gas tank's contents into the exhaust. I yanked the carbs to clean them out, and plan on tearing it down again to get it repainted. Over the years, and thanks to Ebay, I've gotten my hands on just about every part I need to get it back on the road.

1968 Suzuki Cobra

1978 Honda CB550

Again, this bike supposedly ran the last time it was parked. This one is somewhat of a frankenbike. It's a '78 CB550K, but tank is the wrong color for that year. It also has the 4->1 exhaust from a CB550F. I grabbed a seat off of Ebay, since the cover was rotten, and the pan was rusted out. It took a bit of time, but I was finally able to straighten out all the electrical gremlins that supposedly sidelined the bike.

Considering the mileage on the odometer (24K), and the questions rasied by the mismatched pieces, I decided to tear down the engine. Outside of 24,000 miles worth of carbon and gunk, everything seemed to be in order, until i got to the valves. Someone had reinstalled the valve cover, which is integral with the rocker arms, without loosening the valves first. All 8 valve guides were either bent or cracked, requiring replacement of the head. This also gave me the opportunity to throw in new seals, new gaskets and repaint the engine case.

Currrently this bike is wating for me to mess around with the right footpeg, and install one that will work without interfering with the collector on the 4->1. I also need to reinstall the original airbox, and get some rubber connectors for the carbs and the airbox. Once I have it up and running, I'm hoping to use it as a daily driver to commute to work with. Hopefully I'll get it running next year.

1978 Honda CB550