Greg's Garage

I worked in a bicycle shop in college, and for a couple years after graduation. This gave me the opportunity to acquire quite a few bicycles over the years.

Currently in my stable, I have the following:

1938(?) Paramount Track Bike -
  • I bought this bike on Ebay some years back. Bike is original except for the rims, which should be wood, and an extra brace that was welded onto the seat stays for the addition of a brake caliper. Right now it needs to be completely restored.
1938(?) Hercules -
  • This one was a freebie. The flip-flop hub was what caught my eye when I saw it sitting in a junk pile. It took me a couple of years to track down the age, and verified that it's from the late '30s. I have to say that the craftsmanship on this bike is remarkable. 4X laced wheels, washers on the nipples, machined bearing cones throughout, rides pretty nicely. The seat was added, as well as the chainguard at some point. I added the rear brake. I have no idea how it was set up originally. Fenders appear to be original, pedals aren't. Also the cranks are drilled for 1/2" pedals even though it's a 3-piece crank.
1940's Ladies Single Speed -
  • This bike was actually put together form parts from 2 different bikes, one badged as a "Firestone Pilot" and one badged as an "ACE". I bought new alloy wheels, and laced them to the orignal hubs so I could keep the skip-tooth sprocket. The seat is a Brooks, and I added the wicker basket.
1950's Schwinn Jaguar Mark IV / 1950's Schwinn Debutante -
  • I picked both of these up when I was still working for the bike shop. The Jaguar is a Bendix 2-speed, the Debutante is a single-speed. Both are original except for the seat on the Debutante.
1950's Schwinn Hollywood? - 24in. -
  • Saved from the scrapheap. Missing the chainguard, so I'm not 100% sure of the model. Seat needs recovering, but otherwise it's OK.

1960's Schwinn Travellers -
  • The men's Traveller was another save from the scrapheap, and cleaned up fairly well. This one came with a Sturmey Archer SA rear hub, just missing the correct seat. The Ladies Traveller is a Bendix Yellow band 2-speed kickback. Both came with whitewall tires and the generators work perfectly.
1960's Schwinn Racer -
  • Another scrapheap survivor. Someone had painted it black with a brush by the time it fell into my hands. It was too big of a mess to clean off, so the frame and fenders were stripped bare, and painted white. It's still missing the correct seat and decals, but it rides perfectly.
1960's Schwinn Racer -
  • Found this one, and fixed it up to have a matched pair with the white one.

1964 Schwinn Varsity -
  • Freebie from the junk pile at the bike shop. I was rooting around and saw the brazed on shifters on the down tube, not something very common on the Schwinn 10 speeds of this era. This one was painted black when I got it, but I was able to remove the black paint, and uncover the factory blue beneath. It also has 26" wheels instead of the 27" wheels that were common in later years.
1969 Schwinn Apple Krate -
  • Picked this one up for $150 when I was working at the bike shop. Seat is a recover, & the front tire was replaced. It's supposed to have redline tires, but the guy I bought it from had the whitewalls installed when he was a kid. I thought they looked OK, so I left them on.
1974 Schwinn Varsity -
  • 15$ at a local garage sale. It was complete, save the wheels. I replaced the seat with something a bit more comfortable when I put it back together for my oldest son.
1976 Schwinn Scrambler -
  • My parents bought this for me when I was 8 at Old Chicago Schwinn. It's been repainted with Schwinn factory paint, and is just missing the decals.
1970's Jeunet Franche-Comte -
  • Another junk pile find. Brought this one home just so I could play around with old Simplex and Mafac stuff. So-so bike, and the frame is a tad small for me.
1980's Fuji Gran Tourer SE -
  • Given to me by my neighbor, who picked it up for $1 at a garage sale. This bike is practically brand new. Typical late 70's components, & steel wheels, don't think it was ridden more than once or twice by the previous owner.
1989 Schwinn Traveller -
  • I put this one together for my wife, but she never really cared for it that much. Frame was free, the parts came from here and there.

1970's Schwinn Cruisers -
  • The single speed I picked up for 4$ at a local second hand store. The second currently has Sturmey Archer drum brake hubs, w/ an internal 5 speed on the rear. I had to replace the 46T sprocket with a 39T because the gearing was too high.
1975 Schwinn Twinn -
  • Out of the blue, I bought this off of Craigslist a few years ago. A thorough cleaning, new chains, a new set of tires and a rear basket, and it's now as good as new.
1984 Schwinn Sting Ray -
  • This was originally a "Polo Bike", that was painted the most god awful red & yellow, so my son & I customized it a bit. We painted the frame with Testors & an airbrush, installed a 24" fork & a 16" wheel. The back wheel is a Bendix blue band 2 speed kickback. We also added a sissy bar I had laying around, a white seat & grips, some older handlebars, replaced the name plate (the old one was red & yellow) , and threw on a chrome fender.

The daily riders:

1976 Schwinn Letour II -
  • Currently equipped as follows:
    • Stock hubs, cranks / BB, derailleurs
    • Brooks B17 saddle
    • Wolber Super Champ rims
    • Tioga 27x1 3/8 Bloodhound tires
    • DT clamp on SunTour shifters
    • 44cm. handlebars
    • ATB stem, because I couldn't find a tall enough 21mm. stem and had to use this one
    • Stock Weinmann center pull calipers w/ Kool-Stop salmon brake pads & Dia Compe Gran Compe brake levers
    • I also added Q/R cable stops for the brakes so I could get the tires past the brake shoes when locking the bike up
    • fenders, generator, rack, bag
1999 Rivendell Heron -
  • This is my baby, it rides like a dream:
    • Reynolds 531 tubing
    • SunTour Superbe Pro brakes, cranks (172.5 39/53), derailleurs
    • Campagnolo Record LF hubs - 40h rear / 36h front
    • Chris King headset
    • SunTour sealed bearing bottom bracket
    • Sun CR18 rims w/ butted SS spokes
    • Nitto Technomic stem
    • Modollo 44cm handlebars
    • SunTour 7 speed wishbone Accushift shifters
    • Brooks Professional saddle
    • SunTour Superbe Pro seat post
    • Cheapo pedals, until I get new bearings in my Superbe Pros
    • computer, generator, bag, and rack (not currently installed)

2000 Schwinn Sierra 700 -
  • Bought this bike for myself, it's marked as a 21" frame. After I was unable to get comfy on it, I measured the frame, and discovered it was a 19". The frame is just too small for me, my wife loves it though.
    • Upper end Shimano Mountain Bike components.
    • Cateye battery headlight & taillight.
    • Alloy rack.