Latest Projects

A few years ago, after a really bad midwest winter, I kicked around the idea of getting an older 4x4 that I could use as a toy / winter driver. Originally I wanted a 1st generation Bronco, but prices are ridiculous. IH Scouts have the same problem. I like Jeeps, but wanted something bigger / different / whatever. I started looking at Willys wagons, and found one in NW Indiana. The thing that caught my eye was that it had a Ford 8BA flathead under the hood. Dragged my sons for a ride, checked it out, and put a deposit on it. The following week, I rented a UHaul tandem trailer, drove back down to Indiana, and dragged it home. Like how most of my projects, this one is going to be bigger than I thought at first, and it's now sitting on the patio. The good news (to me at least) is that fully restored, these cars are not worth that much. What this means is that I won't hurt the car by using oak veneer plywood for door cards, and pulling minivan seats from a boneyard to replace what's in there now, and just having fun with it.