Latest Projects

This bike came to me as kind of a mess. It was missing most of the electrics, the frame was torn under the seat, the foot begs had been replaced by a piece of black pipe and it leaked oil. Since it's never going to really be a daily driver, this has been a work in progress for close to 20 years. I stripped the frame, painted it rattle-can black, and replaced the engine case with one I bought off of Ebay - the PO drilled out the case and retapped it to some huge dimensions for the bolts holding the chunk of black pipe to the bottom.

To date, I've completed the following.

My kid pulled it out recently, and fooled around with it for a while. He got it running, but couldn't get it to shift right. The case was still leaking oil, so he pulled it all apart, and painted it red. It just needs to be put back together now.